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Testimonials - Fishing Boat Seats

Kevin & Lori Tischer

I have used Glyde Ride and Smooth Moves. I just installed a set of AirWave Pedestals in my 2013 Ranger 620. I tested a set on Winni for 3 days of hard fishing last fall. They are very adjustable, and once you get them dialed in they provide a very good smooth ride. No more feeling like I'm going to get thrown out of the boat, these only have a travel of about 3 inches and I don't think we used 1/2 of it.

Fishing boat seat pedestal testimonial by Kevin and Lori Tischer.

One night a storm was blowing in from the west, with 30mph and gusting winds, we just had to go for a run to see what kind of a ride these would handle. We went 4 miles out and back and it was an easy decision to switch. I had 1 AirWave Pedestal and 1 Smooth Move in the boat at that time. The AirWave® Pedestal gave an excellent ride to my passenger {who has a bad back} only moving about 1 inch up and down and no jousting back up. While I was bouncing up and down using 4 to 5 inches of travel. We took a few hard hits, didn't bottom out, and my passenger said Smooth Moves have to go. I then put an AirWave Pedestal in the driver’s position and went for another ride, and found that it was much easier to control the boat because I was not moving up and down 4 to 5 inches, and jousting from the spring return.

I also removed 70 lbs. of weight from my boat. AirWave Pedestal weigh in at just under 10 lbs each, while Smooth Moves weigh 45 lbs. each, and no more set back plates, the AirWave® Pedestal bolt right in to the stock pedestal position.

Curt Quesnell

Lake of the Woods is big water and seldom lays still for very long. AirWave Pedestal's save my back from the beating allowing longer runs when necessary for me. I also know people who were looking at giving up fishing because their backs just couldn't take the beating any longer. AirWave Pedestal's saves the day for them. None of us are getting any younger. For a better, safer, body friendly ride in your boat, get AirWave Pedestals installed this season.

Jason Przekurat - Stevens Point, WI

The AirWave Pedestal will literally add years to my fishing career. Ran them last season and had no back pain. Looking forward to big water! ‪After running the AirWave Pedestal for a full season I can honestly say I never had a sore back the entire year. This product will prolong my career as a professional fisherman without a doubt. Thanks Al for making a product that not only works, but helps us enjoy everyday on the water! Really looking forward to this season on the National Walleye Tour. All of the events this season are on ''big'' water so by using the AriWave Pedestal's I already have an edge on the competition.

Ryan Johnson - Cold Lake, Alberta, CA

'I have tried a few different kinds of pedestal seat bases in my boat, always looking for a smoother ride over the rough water. AirWave's have provided me with that, 100%. Not only are they smooth, but they are clean looking and refined, making them a welcome addition to any boat. AirWave's are stable and strong enough to handle any size of person that sits on them, unlike other name brands that I have tried. If you are looking for a comfortable ride across the big water, AirWave's are definitely the way to go.

Jacob Ell - Williston, ND

I ran AirWave Pedestal's for the first time in 2015 and will never be without them again. Having the pedestals in my Ranger boat has allowed me to maximize my boat’s full potential without suffering at the end of the day from rough water. Whether I am fishing local lakes and rivers here in North Dakota, like the Missouri River, Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake, or if I am traveling to larger bodies of water such as Green Bay and Lake Erie, a simple air adjustment with the supplied pump to the Pulse Tube and Air Bag prepares me for all of the possible challenges of rough water.

Josh Olson - Lemmon, SD

AirWave Pedestal’s have changed the way I tournament fish by enabling me to push my boat and motor to its limits without pushing my back and body to its limit. I can run farther faster while being comfortable in even the biggest winds that blow across the Midwest. The most impressive part of the pedestal is that I can control the amount of air pressure on both the up and down motion. For a little guy like myself this is very important because the bounce back is controlled enabling me to keep focused on navigating not trying to stay in my seat. The quality and craftsmanship ensures the pedestal will last a lifetime.

Phil Hartwig

I have installed them and going to be trying them out this weekend up at Lake Of The Woods Rainy River. The install was very easy. Took about 1/2 hour for the two. Looks like a great product can't wait to use them. I fish the MWC and I have heard great things about them. I also fished with Jason Przekurat in the NWT championship at Devils Lake. He had them in his boat. After a long day of bouncing around Devils Lake with these I was sold on them and my back thanked me he had them. Thanks for the great product.

Dan Stier - Mina, SD

Hi Walleye world, I have been fishing professionally for over 30 years. Have fished from the East coast to the West coast. I have fished in every water condition Mother Nature has given. I have been fortunate enough to have 87 top ten pro event tournaments and 4 world championDan Stierships. I have had the opportunity to endorse many products over the years. Alan came to me a couple years ago and asked that I give AirWave Pedestal's a try. I have had shoulder and back issues and long days on the water were tough to take. Since installing AirWave's I have had no issues. They are truly a fantastic boating solution. Thank you AirWave for extending the sport I truly love.

Tim Abraham - New Ulm, MN

Finally got a chance to really put the AirWave to the test and all I can say is impressive. I was on a 9 day fishing excursion in Red Wing, MN for the National Walleye Tour. If you have ever been there you know how brutal Lake Pepin can get. After the long days and long runs across the lake I did not experience the fatigue and aches I normally feel after a few days on the water. Thanks AirWave for making a great product, I can't wait to get back on the water.

Lenny Eubanks - Williston, ND

Well I was finally able to get out on the water yesterday and the AirWave's are amazing. They don't bounce like the others I used to own. They take the shock right out of the waves. There's no way these will launch anyone out of my 2121 Warrior. Great job on these.

Jimmy Bell - Ham Lake, MN

My daughter Chelsea and I are the only Father/Daughter team fishing the AIM weekend events. Just recently I found out I was going to be grandpa, and I now had to worry about protecting two instead of just one. I had ran other suspension seats in the past, and decided to do my research. I fish out of a Alumacraft 205 Competitor and it has a great ride, but wanted to make a great boat even better. I started looking and talking to other anglers and landed on the Air Wave pedestals. With the Stainless and Aluminum construction and the adjustable air chambers I knew they were the answer for us when I post the Baby On Board sign on my boat.

Todd LaMotte

Rough water boat ride testimonial by Todd LaMotte for AirWave Pedestal.

AirWave Pedestal...great product, great service! I have suffered with neck and back problems for years. Spending the day fishing on the rough water has always been a huge concern for me. Since having the AirWave Pedestals installed, I no longer say, "it's too rough to go out today." This is one of the best upgrades I have made to my Ranger 620. Thank you Al. Your AirWave Pedestal is awesome!

Joseph A. Wegner, M.D., M.P.H.

Four out of five adults will experience an episode of low back pain (LBP) in their lifetime. As a practicing physician, I have spent the last 20 years treating only back pain. I have been amazed how LBP can impact everyone: old vs. young, thin vs. overweight, physically fit vs. not fit, and active vs. sedentary life styles. My wife is one of those 80% who experience LBP. Unfortunately, despite treatment, her LBP has been persistent and has negatively impacted her desired activity level. An activity of particular concern to me was her inability to fish with me. We could fish on calm days, but we have a home on a large Minnesota lake where the best fishing is with a good “walleye chop”. Consequently, on windy days, we are limited as her low back willnot tolerate the pounding/bouncing in the boat.

Because of my wife’s problem, I began to research the topic of LBP associated with bouncing and/or vibration. I was surprised to find considerable research had been done on this topic. McGill, in 1997, published a paper where he proposed several theories on how low backs become injured. He felt injury occurred when the load on a tissue exceeded the tolerance or strength of that tissue. One example he gave was of a snowmobiler who would experience multiple low level insults to the low back from being in a sitting posture with repetitive bouncing. While the low back might tolerate these low level insults, with a major bounce, the low back became injured as the force of the bounce exceeded what the low back could tolerate.

Multiple other research articles have been published documenting the increased risk of LBP in occupations exposed to repetitive whole-body vibration (bouncing) such as truck drivers and heavy equipment operators. Various recommendations have been made on ways to minimize/prevent LBP in these professions and include stretching, exercise, periodic breaks from the sitting posture and, most importantly, improved ergonomic design and seat configuration to dampen the vibrational/bouncing impact.

As my wife’s problem is with boating/fishing, I decided to Google “sport/professional fishing with low back pain”. There were more than 45 MILLION hits! While I did not review all of these sites, it quickly became obvious that LBP is a major problem for those who boat/fish. This is no surprise, particularly for the professional fisherman. Professional fishermen can spend several days in a truck hauling their boat from one tournament to another, lifting/launching their boat, sitting in a boat for hours (frequently with sub optimal posture) and, the real “back breaker”, shooting across rough water to the next “hot spot” or trying to get back to the weigh-in. Several reports estimate that almost 70% of professional fishermen deal with LBP on a regular basis.

While interesting, none of my research did anything to help my wife. She has tried stretching, exercise, and changing posture frequently. Then it happened! A long time fishing buddy with persistent LBP told me of his plans to develop an air-ride boat seat pedestal that would dampen the vibrational/bouncing impact when traveling across rough water. I must admit the concept sounded intriguing but I had some honest skepticism until last May when my buddy called me and said to meet him at the end of my dock with my wife. He pulled up in his 215 Triton with a 250 hp and had air-ride boat seat pedestals on the driver and passenger sides. While it was calm at my dock, there was a 15-20 MPH wind around our point. As we approached the point, he told me to “floor it”. My wife, in the front passenger seat, braced herself and put both of her hands on the side of her seat, anticipating major bangs to her spine. To our surprise, as we went around the point into rough water, there was no banging or bouncing at all. We proceeded to go on a five mile round trip “cruise” at 30 MPH in the rough water. My wife took her hands off her seat and actually ENJOYED the trip. She said the ride felt like she was riding on a “marshmallow”.I can’t wait for the initial production of AirWave Pedestal, as we will be the first customers!

Scott Whipps

Rough water boat ride testimonial by Scott Whipps for AirWave Pedestal.

Comfort is the key when you’re on the water all day. I had the new AirWave Pedestal™ installed in our boat and wow does it make a huge difference throughout the day of fishing. They can handle the roughest waters and you do not feel any of the spine jarring jolts like other pedestal boat seats. I have tried other brands but no other compares to the ride an AirWave Pedestal™ gives. The ride is superior! They come equipped with an adjustable air pressure gage that adjusts to everyone’s individual comfort level. With AirWave Pedestal™, I no longer have the aches and pains during or after a day on the lake and I am ready for the next big fish!

Scott Whipps
MTT Member

Chris Atwater - Merrifield, MN

I would like to thank Al and AirWave® Pedestal for providing one of the smoothest rides ever! It’s so comfortable riding across the waves especially when you’re traveling miles to get to that perfect fishing spot. I fish tournaments and am a guide so I’m on the water a lot; fishing in all types of weather conditions. On the days of high waves — I used to come in early — my legs, back and neck would be so sore, just painful. But ever since we installed the new AirWave Pedestal™, magic…not more pain! With AirWave Pedestal™ on-board compressor and gauges I’m able to adjust the air pressure for each rider and for any weather conditions. My customers, family and friends are amazed with the ride! Thanks Al and AirWave Pedestal™, you have made fishing that much more enjoyable!

Chris Atwater
Atwater Fishing Adventures
MTT Member

Greg Ehli - Bismarck, ND

I started on AirWaves pro-staff this year. Just finished the 2nd tournament of the year for me down in Pollock, SD. Extremely windy conditions both days. We had 3-4 foot waves coming at us. We traveled several miles on water. Ended up in 2nd place the 2nd day and 6th place overall for both days. Without my Air Waves I would have been in rough physical shape battling those waves. Those pedestals are absolutely the best product I have had the pleasure of using and endorsing. They made for a very smooth ride in very crappy weather. Al personally came out to the Big Muddy fishing tournament and installed my Air Waves back in May, he is also a sponsor of the tournament. If you have not checked these out get to a dealer as soon as you can. Thanks Al and AirWaves for all your support and for providing this awesome product!

Greg Ehli

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