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Special Note:

Please be sure your boat seat is equipped with a 2-7/8'' spider attachment to adapt to our 9, 10, or 11 inch pedestal.

airwave pedestal components

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Note: Due to the increase in manufacturing, shipping, cost of goods, and the new hand air pump (made in USA) included in the purchase of a USA made AirWave® Pedestal we have had to increase the cost of our AirWave Pedestals.

11 Inch AirWave Pedestal

Part # - AWP52211

*Hand pump is included


11 inch airwave pedestal
10 Inch AirWave Pedestal

Part # - AWP52210

*Hand pump is included


10 inch airwave pedestal
9 Inch AirWave Pedestal

Part # - AWP52209

*Hand pump is included


9 inch airwave pedestal
6 Inch AirWave Pedestal

Part # - AWP52206

*Hand pump is included


6 inch airwave pedestal
This hand pump is included with every pedestal.

Made in the USA

airwave replacement pump
2-7/8" Spider Assembly

Part # - AWP52SA01


airwave spider assembly
2-7/8" Slide Assembly

Part # - AWP52AL1

This slide assembly fits the 9", 10", 11" pedestal.


airwave silde assembly
Sprinfield Slider

Part # - AWP52173

This slide assembly fits the 6" pedestal.


airwave replacement pump

2" - Part # AWP52180 ($109.00)
4" - Part # AWP52181 ($119.00)
6" - Part # AWP52182 ($129.00)
8" - Part # AWP52183 ($139.00)
10" - Part # AWP52184 ($149.00)
(Made of Anodized Aluminum)

Starting at $109.00

airwave risers
Select a Riser Size
Top Tubes

9"  Top Tube - Item # AWP52153
10" Top Tube - Item #AWP52154
11" Top Tube -Item # AWP52155


airwave top tubes
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